Our mission

goSolve is an online community dedicated to crowdsourcing solutions for global problems.

Our vision

A world where global problems are made solvable.

goSolve explained

Most of us want to make a difference. We see suffering, injustice, and death, and are moved to help. But working out a real solution in today’s world, let alone actually doing it, can be a difficult and discouraging challenge.

goSolve is a response to this challenge. It is an altruistic platform built to foster collaboration and careful strategizing to solve problems more effectively than ever before. It is also a community for humanity to connect, collaborate, identify and activate highly effective solutions to the world’s most pressing problems from wherever they are around the planet.

goSolve is a social network built to solve world problems. We connect communities and individuals with a platform for collaboration to help solve problems on a local and global scale. We crowdsource goals and actions at every stage, from local towns to states, countries, continents, and worldwide.

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Our core values

Enabling Global Collaboration

We connect and empower local communities to organize worldwide.

Clarity of Information

We make information readily available and accessible for users to make educated decisions.

Tangible Solutions

We, as a unified community, create real-world change.


We challenge conventions and think outside the box.

Trust through Transparency

We communicate clearly to establish a culture of integrity.

Ethical Standards

Our organization and mission are committed to firm moral principles.

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